Thursday, February 3, 2011

Recommendation: Behind The Sun (Prog-rock, Israel)

As you've noticed, I like to scroll through Bandcamps and I've come across a few Israeli bandcamps, the first of which I'd like to share in this post.

Instead of me telling you about them, these guys have been gracious enough to write about themselves at length on their Bandcamp:

Behind the Sun play the heavy music of the northern desert, a storm of sound cutting the wasteland to reveal ancient spirits and modern madness.

Behind the Sun was formed on the edges of Israel’s vast Negev desert. The music and lyrics on their debut album speak of their personal trials and tribulations living in this heavenly but harsh land. This self titled debut album contains: heavy, electric, tube driven riffing, an interlocking, charging and grooving rhythm section, blended with progressive styles and sensibilities and their own skeptical, cynical, but in the end positive philosophy as written word and amplified sound. The music and the musicians themselves are influenced and inspired by 70’s progressive rock and 90’s grunge and modern heavy music. The lyrics of Behind the Sun reckon with, among other things, the breakdown of society, loss, decay, personal relationships gone down the tubes, the sanctity of life, first hand experience of the horrors of war, corrupt leadership, and the transcendental nature of their desert home.

Behind the Sun released their self-titled debut studio album to the world on June 11, 2009. A year and a half in the making, the album features 12 original songs representing the band's epic and unique musical vision. Veterans of the Tel Aviv underground music scene and alternative radio in Israel the power and the fury of the Behind the Sun live concert experience continues to draw new, rabid fans every time they take the stage. After a busy year of touring in 2009, and television appearances on Israeli channel 1 and channel 24, the band is currently writing and arranging new material for a second album, which they will begin recording at the end of 2010.

Behind the Sun was recently chosen to play at the Ozzfest Tel Aviv (Sept. 28, 2010) opening up for such world-renowned artists as Ozzy Osbourne, Soulfly and Korn.
released 11 June 2009
Behind the Sun are:

Gad Erez - vocals
Saar Gur - drums
Dan Henry Levy - bass
Aaron Lieber - lead and rhythm guitars


Assaf Kopelnikov - lead and rhythm guitars
Shai Yallin – keyboards
Yoram Allouche – space guitar on “Strong Wind”

Produced by:
Behind the Sun and Shai Yallin

Mixed by:
Shai Yallin

Mastered by:
Tali Cutz at Master One studio

Shai Yallin, Guri Magen, Eyal Amir

Recorded at:
Keoss Studios, Tel Aviv
Impact Studio, Ra'anana
Kibbutz Shoval

All arrangements by:
Aaron Lieber, Saar Gur, Gad Erez and Dan Henry Levy

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  1. The first song is free to download also from the bandcamp site.


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