Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Upcoming - My "2010 In Music Year End Summary"

I've been working on post about the music released in 2010 I listened to.
I hate doing those rankings as I keep having change of hearts and not sure which album I like more.
So what I do is something akin to the 2009 Favourite Albums List I posted a while back (and which seems to be popular given how many hits it has been getting lately). I divide albums into groups, with no internal rankings. Each group represents a sort of tier of how much I like the albums within them. Again, not very accurate and albums can change spots and the albums can shirt tiers later, but it's a good indication of how much I enjoy and like them.

I will post this 2010 In Music Year End Summary in three parts.
The first will focus on listening trends I had in 2010 in terms of genres and/or bands.
The second post will feature all the tiers of albums except the very top one, which will be featured in the third post.

I hope to have these ready by the end of February. I encourage you to comment there and post your own favourites and reactions.

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