Friday, February 4, 2011

Recommendation: Igayon (Prog rock, Israel)

Continuing what I started yesterday with Behind the Sun, here's another Israeli band called Igayon, who released in late 2010 their first full-length.
Here's more about the band from their Bandcamp:
IGAYON is an Israeli Alternative/Progressive Rock band. Our debut concept album is a 45 minutes piece in 8 songs, a rock journey through our life experience in the present time and the place we live in.

"Igayon" is the Hebrew word for Non-Sense but It can also be translated as an Island Of Sense.
Living in the neurotic Middle East There is no doubt that some of the vibes in the area flowed into the music.
As a "guest appearances" in the album you can find the Prime minister Yitzhak Rabin who died in an Assassination at 1995 and the great Indian Leader Mahatma Gandhi.

The musical moods varies from 70's sound and warm Acoustic Rock to Grunge and Hard Rock guitars and bass riffs.
The CD comes with a 16 pages of inlay booklet and a 4 pages inlay with the translation of the words to English."


  1. Interesting blend of styles, great music here.
    We are also prog band from Uzbekistan.

  2. Hi Fromuz,

    I know you well, I have all your three albums, great music!
    Thanks for commenting.


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