Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prog Archives' Top Albums of 2010

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  1. I was glad to see so much from RIO/Avant do so well, even though some of my favorites (the Uchihashi Kazuhisa/Mani Neumeier album, for example) didn't do so well.

  2. Hey Jon,

    Yeah, I'm quite happy with this list. Frogg Cage is on the top of my own list, as was UZ. Glad to see Yugen and Xing Sa there as well. Hope it helps to spread the word about these.
    But all in all, it's just up to us to promote the albums we love most (and you did a good job with Korekyojinn lately!).

  3. Thanks! I hope to get to the two Korekyojinn albums I haven't reviewed yet soon, but I still need to review Nichelodeon's DVD, which I've had for quite some time now.

  4. Yeah, I still need to review that DVD as well... I hope to have some time this weekend to watch and review it (as well as the Delirium DVD).
    I also need to check out Uchihashi Kazuhisa's music, only heard snippets so far (pretty good!).


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