Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recommendation: Might Could (USA, acoustic guitar music)

Might Could is an acoustic rock band consisting of 4 members:
Andy Tillotson (guitar) and Tim McCaskey (guitar) who comprise the original Might Could duo and Aaron Geller (guitar) and Luis Nasser (bass).
Having seen the lineup, you'd be tempted to think: "What can they possibly achieve with three guitars and bass?". To that I answer: "You'd be surprised. Very surprised."

In fact, why don't you listen to some sounds of theirs here and here before going on.

So, now that you've heard a few sounds of theirs, you might could get an idea of how complex, melodic and hooking their music can be and of the range of influences it encompasses.
You can read more about the background of the group here.

I only have their Would Knot album, and I can only highly recommend this magnificent piece of instrumental acoustic compositions, with lovely harmonies, intricate writing and executions, beautiful melodies, emotional impact and charming vibes.

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