Friday, February 4, 2011

News: New Gösta Berlings Saga album, Glue Works, out in May on Cuneiform


From the band's website:

"We are thrilled to announce that our next album Glue Works will be released in May on the legendary American label Cuneiform records, just in good time before our US debut at NEARFest. The list of previous Cuneiform releases is too extensive to show here but let us tell you that we will definitely be in good company with other bands/artists such as Univers Zero, Richard Pinhas & Robert Wyatt just to name a few.
A big push forward for the band and indeed something to live up to. 2011!"

Here is the track list for the new album:

1. 354 (06:00)
2. Icosahedron (3:13)
3. Island (12:26)
4. Gliese 581g (6:16)
5. Waves (2:45)
6. Geosignal (2:09)
7. Sorterargatan 1 (12:45)

Total running time: 45:34

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