Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recommendation: Poutatorvi (progressive/jazz/rock, Finland)

Can you have a crush on a country?
Can you have a crush on a country you've never been to (but desperately want to visit - and perhaps settle there)?
Not only does the weather there make me want to move there (yes, I love cold dark wintry seasons and hate sunny, hot, steamy places like that place I shall not mention I grew up in - yuck), the music I listen to by Finnish band is fantastic and varied. I've recently reviewed Utopianisti's debut album and here's another stellar nugget in the form of Poutatorvi and their s/t album, available on, where else, Bandcamp.
An eclectic progressive outfit, playing upbeat, cheerful jazzy, poppy music.  

Sad thing is, my wife went to Finland several years back to visit her friend who was working there for a year and I foolishly declined to offer to accompany her. Idiot.
Anyway, enjoy this fine band.

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