Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recommendation: Andrew Douglas Rothbard (psychedelic)

Late at night or when I have a craving for something quirky, I reach out to the two albums by Andrew Douglas Rothbard.
Mr. Rothbard's music sounds is best experienced with closed eyes in low lights or complete darkness. If it won't freak you out, it will give you out-of-body experiences.
Having played bass and keyboards in other bands (VSS, Pleasure Forever), he then began recording his own music.
He has released two albums, Abandoned Meander (2006) and Exodusarabesque (2009). Those are part of a projected 5 album series "outlining the Discordian concept of the Law of Fives" (according to Prog Archives). His two albums offer a psychedelic and freak-out journey with elements of folk. He plays all the instruments on the two albums.

You can stream both albums on his Bandcamp.

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