Wednesday, December 7, 2011

'Make A Rising' Are Making New Albums

Make A Rising give us a sign of life and activity in a short video of their rehearsal.

Here's what Jesse says:
"Three of the five of us got together for the first time in 2-ish years tonight. We were at the Dr. Dog studio to rehearse material for our 3rd album. Sorry about the bad sound. I recorded it on photobooth. All of December will be rehearsing and recording. After tonight, I’m very optimistic about how this will turn out.

The new songs are poppier and more concise than on previous records, with exception of one 10 minute thing that I’m still trying to figure out. It might get shorter. Anyway I hope to get all the rhythm and guitar tracks done by the end of the month. Maybe we’ll have time to put in vocals and extraneous percussion. Then I’ll take this stuff back to Los Angeles to finish it up.

I know this video doesn’t really reveal anything and it’s not fun to watch, but it is proof that we’re still creating, despite living on opposite coasts."

Just to remind you, here are their plans:

"As I stated in the previous post, I have a bunch of demos sitting on my computer, waiting for proper recording. After powow-ing with the group, the plan is this:

1. Members of the group learn the parts on their own.

2. I book studio time in mid December in Philadelphia.

3. Record rhythm tracks with Justin, John Heron and myself.

4. Depending on how that goes, bring in Travis and Nick to lay down their parts.

5. Bring the tracks back to LA for overdubs.

6. Mix in LA. Album 1 complete

7. Justin come to LA in February. I take a week off to record tracks with him.

8. He takes tracks home and writes arrangements.

9. I record arrangements, and mix here. 2nd album done!

THAT’S THE PLAN!!! See you in December 2011."

For those interested, here's my review of their second album.

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