Saturday, December 24, 2011

Recommendation: SOT - Kind of Saltz (2011)

If Saltz means 'Awesome', that it's more than just "Kind Of..."

While some may focus on the gimmick in this Norwegian instrumental band, I find their music to be compelling, eclectic and highly enjoyable, such that the inclusion of a tuba in the lineup seems perfectly natural to me.

SOT is a trio consisting of a guitarist, drummer and tuba player. Their music has wide boundaries, lying in the vast lands of rock and jazz, incorporating a variety of sounds and moods, from heavy fast, ever changing and aggressive (Schlatan) to humorous and whimsical (Bartof) to soft and temperate (Tusjpen) to tunes that combine it all (Follower). This variety is what makes this album so appealing to me as it makes it accessible and easy to digest. This 10 track album is a dynamic and ever changing ride; it is a well-executed and thrilling album, that I highly recommend to listen to, especially for those who like intriguing and explorative music.

Here's their bio taken from their ReverbNation page:
"SOT consists of musicians from the jazz-, metal- and pop scene in Oslo. The band members studied music in high school in 1992 and formed a quite unusual band. And since then they have played at obscure clubs and birthdays. It was not until later they decided to put all their time and effort in SOT.
The music is abrupt and consists of many fragments. When you think you have digested one theme, another one starts. The band enjoys odd time signatures and heavy grooves, sometimes with a dash of childish melodies included.
Their distinctive music and live performance gave the band a spot in Rikskonsertene (Norwegian Concerts Institute) 2012 program. They will be touring at schools in South-Trøndelag in the winter of 2012 and after this continue their musical activity throughout the year.
SOT is releasing their debut album “Kind of Saltz” on the Sotanic Sounds label this winter."

Stream their album on bandcamp
SOT Facebook

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