Monday, December 5, 2011

Recommendation: The Rupert Selection - Conspiritorium (2011)

Ah, to be young and in a band...
The Rupert Selection are a young and active band originally from Manchester, Massachusetts. They released their first album, Conspiritorium, in May this year. Melodic and accessible, their music takes side turns during each song to other segments, moving from a more rocking part to a jazzier movement. While still sounding rough on the edges to me, there's room for development and I look forward to more music from these guys.

Here's their bio from their website:
"The Rupert Selection; We begin our journey in 2009. Three young chaps out of Manchester-by-The-Sea decided music was fine and dandy. Music, as it turned out, was something they enjoyed. These lads went by the names of Reilly Somach, Peter Crofton, and Zak Brown. As of 2011 the band has written a handful 10 minute plus epics, as well as some avant-garde short rock tunes. With the backing of their friends at F-Nice Records, the band regularly plays out all over New England several times a month. The addition of the skilled Derek Tanch on keyboard has greatly added to the countless cover and original songs they have under their belts, greatly increasing the energy and experimenting that is trademark of a live Rupert Selection show. They are currently booking at any venue in a town near you!"

Stream the album on their bandcamp and name-your-price digital download.

Official website
Prog Archives band page

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