Saturday, December 10, 2011

Recommendation: Brotherhood Of Sleep - Dark As Light (Catch The Soap, 2011)

Isn't everyone part of this brotherhood?
Sleep is a coveted prize in our humble abode these days. With a newborn baby, my wife and I are not getting much sleep, as all parents know all too well (well, to be fair, my wife gets even less sleep than I do; typical male that I am).

And so sleep becomes a most cherished and sought-after treasure.

Sleep is a place to recuperate and regain strengths. This repose allows us to rest from our daily (or nightly) activities and perhaps allow us to process, subconsciously, what we have experienced during the time preceding it. Sleep can also be a shelter, a refuge, from the outer world and its annoyances, grievances, threats and troubles.

Thus, sleep is a very alluring proposition to begin with.
If on top of that, my sleep was akin to the sonic experience of Dark As Light, I'd be sleeping a lot more.

The album opener, Afterlife Unearthed, starts tenderly with a slow repetitive bass "pulse", quickly joined by drums and guitar. Together they gradually increase their intensity and perform a cyclic ride, reaching a peak and back again. The band thus presents their psychedelic/stoner/doom style; slow to mid-paced instrumental jams, with a quiet beginning that slowly develops and intensifies,
alternating between a clean and calm side to a heavier, fuzzier and dirtier sounding part.
This is perfect for late night headphones experience or end-of-week after-work relaxation. Listen and immerse yourself.

Here's their bio from their website:
" On Autumn 2006 the basis was laid down for a new group from its two founding members, George G. /guitar (ex-Choir Macabre) and John K. /guitar (Afformance). The main concept would be experimentation in heavy music. Without pre-set ideas on how or what to play they’ve started rehearsing giving birth to the first main riffs that would later on constitute the nucleus of what was next to come. On this ride after a couple of months along came Serafim G. (also of Uranium Cardinals) on drums. A few rehearsals followed with this line-up so they all start realising their parts within this musical journey and how they could put their personal perspectives to the aid of the whole. Meantime and due to excessive obligations John K. had to leave. Danis A. on bass came in to save the day. The group re-started rehearsing in a frequent and consistent manner to bring out the best possible of each member so that musical entity that would be later referred to as Brotherhood Of Sleep could be conceived, grasped and in depth understood from everyone in the band. An esoteric approach which aims consciously to balance sound, mind and spirit. "

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Here are the four tracks that make up the album, from Youtube:

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