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Recommendation: Dave Beegle - Beyond The Desert (2003)

Galloping acoustically
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I love listening to acoustic guitars. 
When the urge for such music strikes, one of the albums I reach out for, is Beyond The Desert by Dave Beegle. You can read more about this wonderful musician here, but here I'll focus briefly on this album. 
There is something magic about the sounds of guitar strings being strummed and plucked, conjuring spellbinding melodies and forming propulsive rhythms.
What more is that this album has wonderful percussion work (done by various musicians), that gives the melodies a tremendous boost and enhances greatly the vibe of the album.

The tunes are beautiful and uplifting; they have a sense of positivity about them, an air of hopefulness. Which is what makes this a feel-good album. I feel reinvigorated and rejuvenated after listening to it (and while listening to it).
There are tracks with an "epic" feel about, in their breadth of sound and length, such as opener, 'Breaking Through The Clouds' and closing track, 'Kara Kum'. These offer a sense of galloping through great wide plains on the way to uncharted lands. Other pieces have other influences, like the Spanish-flavoured 'Ecstatico' and 'Canopy Of Dreams' with captivating Flamenco rhythms. We're also offered ballads in the form of 'Cause We've Ended As Lovers' and Sandy's Painting. There as well Dave shows his skill with his tender and gentle playing, creating sweet and lush melodies. 'Something Shared' offers a mellow folk tune that is contrasted by the energetic closing epic piece, 'Kara Kum', which I would label as "acoustic rock".
Do yourself a favour and get this album

Dave Beegle - Guitar
Aaron Lee - Guitar
Keith Rosenhagen - Guitar
Michael Olson - Bass
Matt Henderson - Drums and Percussion
Christian Teele - Percussion
Eric Meyer - Percussion

You can stream this album and others from his discography on his bandcamp.

Listen to the phenomenal closing track from the album, played live:

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