Friday, December 16, 2011

Recommendation: The Institute of Modern Love

I wonder what is being researched there?

I don't know much about this English band, but their recent EP is one that caught my ear on first listen.

Their first offering, released in October 2011, is an EP called Welcome to The Institute... Part 1, which is part of a projected trilogy. They describe their music as "a 70s rock band stuck in the body of a disillusioned modern businessman". I'd amend that to say that they take their "70s influences" and dress those up in modern clothes. You could easily put the second part/track on this EP, 'You Want This Life?' on commercial radio and have a lot of listeners think this is a lost Radiohead song from their early years.
Bearing echoes of Pink Floyd (see what I did there?), this group's music is lush and passionate. The songs move on in a slow to mid-paced tempo but are not devoid of dynamics (check out the third track/part, Burning Houses). This EP is a beautiful and melancholic piece of uninterrupted 24 minutes of music. 
If this EP is a sign of what's to come, sign me up.

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