Sunday, December 18, 2011

One Song To Depart With, One Song To Laugh With...: Novalis - Aufbruch / Laughing

Duality of Emotions...

Do you have any "comfort bands"?
Bands you go back to their music often and you always enjoy it, no matter how many times you've listened to their albums.

Novalis, to me, is one such band. Specifically, their first three albums are.
Whenever the mood strikes, my wife and I listen to one of the first 3 albums by Novalis (often, to all three in tandem)

To me, aside from their lush and gorgeous tunes, their music offers solace. Their third album, Sommerabend, in particular is an album that always cheers me up, offers comfort and consolation in times of distress and loneliness. While melancholic in nature, there is something hopeful about their music; a cheerful undertone behind a somewhat gloomy front. This duality of emotions is what appeals to me and why they are one of my "comfort bands".

Enjoy two beautiful songs by Novalis:

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