Friday, December 9, 2011

Recommendation: Grumpf Quartet - Grumpf Quartet (2009)

Agitation and tranquility; chaos and order - can they co-exist?
They can, in this instrumental math/avant/prog-rock release by this French trio called Grumpf Quartet.
The band plunges head on first into chaotic playing, producing stirring soundwaves and then abruptly shift into a controlled and organized high energy form, only to follow it up with quiet and softer sections; a heavy guitar riff is replaced with a softer tone, powerful drumming move over for delicate percussion patterns, a raw bass line is taken over by elegant thumping.
They do not sit in one place for too long before going on to a different part (and that might be where some people will lose them, but that is where they win me over, personally). And so if ADHD music is not for you, avoid this album. If you, like me, like it when music travels around, explores various "places", and if you like this style, give this a try; heck, it's free.

The lineup consists of two brothers on bass and drums and a third member on guitar:
- Manu Larralde / drums
- Gabi Larralde / bass
- Laurent Toulouse / guitar

This album is available for free download at Jamendo.
The cd is available here.

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