Thursday, December 1, 2011

Recommendation: Earth Size Diamonds - In A Shrinking Forest (2011)

What are you going to do with diamonds this big?
Have you ever had a dream where everything was mixed up? The scenery was a mishmash of various places, there were people from various points in your life, you heard multiple languages being spoken and the whole thing seemed very natural nonetheless?

In a way, listening to In A Shrinking Forest is akin to having said dream, in that you will hear a meeting of different components and styles, all seamlessly fused into a coherent musical statement. Elements of folk, electronic and rock music hand-picked to create 14 short, simple yet very appealing and accessible instrumental pieces. The music is breezy and light, but not devoid of weight and punch. It is a fun album to listen to, with some gorgeous melodies and humorous tunes.

The man behind this record is Mohadev, a multi-instrumentalist who was in Calle Debauche and who is also part of Terraformation (which I'll devote a post to soon) and Ugly numbers.

It is very much worth your time to stream this album on his bandcamp and if you like it, buy it there (digital only).

More info here.

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