Sunday, August 21, 2011

Recommendations from the Bandcamps: Deathmole

Death by Talpidae...

Deathmole is the work of one man, Jeph Jacques, who writes and illustrates the comic Questionable Content.

The music is quite good instrumental metal.

From Wikipedia:
Deathmøle is a virtual post-metal band, whose works are freely available over the Internet,[6][7] created by Jeph Jacques in 2005.[8] The band is currently composed of three characters from his comic, Questionable Content. The name for the band appears in Strip 554 for the first time.[9] Since its inception, Jeph has periodically released individual Deathmøle songs through his LiveJournal[10] or his Tumblr[11] where they remain available; newer albums are also available on BandCamp[12] .
In chronological order, the Deathmøle albums are Moletopopolis, Long Songs, ???, Trial Period (EP), Amps, Absent Gods & Creatures Foul and finally Fear of Black Horses (in progress).[13] Each album typically has seven or eight tracks with Trial Period's three and Moletopopolis' fifteen being the extremes.[14] The music is Jeph's original work, with the exception of a cover of Low's "Two-step" on Long Songs.

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