Monday, August 22, 2011

Recommendation: Citay

Rockin' my dreams...

Whenever I want dreamy rock music, such that allows me to escape to my serene place in my mind, Citay's albums are the obvious choice.

Peaceful and uplifting, their music is a sublime mixture of mood, beauty and melody.

Ezra Feinberg and Tim Green (The Fucking Champs) formed the group in 2004 in San Francisco. They have since expanded and became a live lineup as well and moved to NYC (at least according to their Facebook). They have 3 albums and one remixes release.

I have two of their albums, Little Kingdom and Dream Get Together. The former is more on the dreamy side while the latter introduces more psychedelic elements. Both are highly recommended.

Citay page at Dead Oceans (label)
Buy here

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