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News from Toby Driver, Zoe Keating and Humble Grumble

After the jump you'll find newsletters from Toby Driver, Zoe Keating and Humble Grumble

Here's the newsletter from Toby Driver:

Greetings, all! Welcome to the fourth edition of our newsletter. As you probably know by now, I only send these out when terrifically exciting things are about to happen, so fasten your seatbelts and read on…

I. Kayo Dot's EP of this past winter, Stained Glass, has just, a few days ago, experienced its vinyl phonograph record release via Antithetic Records! The record's B-Side features a very special remix of the piece, and a poster is included in the package. It's on sale NOW at Antithetic's webstore and SOON at Hydra Head's webstore.

I'm considering not selling it on our own webstore just yet, and saving our copies for when we tour next (see below).

II. NEW Kayo Dot material!!! We have a very special concert lined up on October 5, 2011 at Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY. At this concert, we're going to play a full set of all-new material and record the whole thing. Afterward, we're going to take these recordings home and do a million overdubs. This will be our next album. We hope that as many of you as possible can come to this show, especially because there will be some audience participation, which will be crucial to the sound of the record! That's at Littlefield, Brooklyn NY, October 5, 2011, 7PM, openers TBA.

III. Kayo Dot touring! Yes, we do have more tour plans, and yes, the United States is included this time! Firstly, we're planning a short Western European thing in early December. Secondly, we're planning a U.S. thing (Southeast to West coast!) for May 2012. Anyone interested in helping us with a show, please contact me at this address. Additionally, we need to get a new van for this tour, so if anyone out there has any leads, also please contact me here or at my regular email address,

IV. We also have a couple other shows coming up soon besides the very special October 5th show.

Sept 8 - Boston, MA at Brighton Music Hall - opening for Secret Chiefs 3!!!

Sept 13 - New York, NY at Le Poisson Rouge - opening for Secret Chiefs 3!!! Le Poisson Rouge has a REAL PIANO which we are totally going to fucking use... real pianos at venues are always very special and exciting for us. There is one new song we have that has lots of piano, too. Just sayin'

V. Speaking of Antithetic Records, they are doing a box set of vinyl phonograph record reissues of the classic MAUDLIN OF THE WELL albums, Bath and Leaving Your Body Map! The box set will also feature a 7" of "The Secret Song" as well as some other goodies, and is slated for a winter release this year. Antithetic Records needs only a little over 100 preorders in order to go into production, so please check out some more information about this at their blog.

VI. Speaking of Bath and Leaving Your Body Map, I am finally able to put these albums up on iTunes, eMusic, Spotify, etc. I'm doing it today, and the official digital release date will be this coming Monday, August 8, 2011!

VII. The Tartar Lamb II kickstarter-funded album, Polyimage of Known Exits, is finally here. We're sorry that it took sooo long to produce these vinyl phonograph records. Seriously, an almost five-month turnaround time. Anyway, they have arrived, and we'll be packing and shipping them in the next couple weeks! Check out this purty photo!

VII. Myspace - it sucks! Please DON'T use our myspace page as the definitive source for info about us. Instead, please use our official site,

That's all for now! Feel free to email us back with any questions, either at this address (checked less frequently) or my regular address (checked too often),

Love and respect,

Toby Driver on behalf of Kayo Dot

News from Zoe Keating:

Hullo Comrades,

I hope your summer is going well. I hope it contains the exact amount of activity that you like your summers to have, whether it be a little, or a lot.

I've been on "vacation" for most of July. I write that word in quotes because, as those of you with children know, a vacation with a 1 year-old, enjoyable as it may be, is more of a "change of scene" than a "vacation". After the High Sierra Music Festival on July 1st, we did a bit of camping and stayed with family up on the Oregon coast. Then we went to San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico for 10 long, scrumptious days (excluding the few days spent battling the local microflora).

Now I am home and as of today, working on NEW MUSIC for the 1st time since the birth of Cellobaby! Thinking back on all our musical travels over the last year....North America, the UK, Switzerland, Mexico....I have a feeling that this will be the greatest adventure of all: learning how to write and record in the same house as a fascinating, rapidly growing little-person. Wish us luck.

My first project is to compose music for The Kepler Project, a play by Nina Wise that premiers at Morrison Planetarium in San Francisco on November 3rd. It's an inspiring subject to write music for: snowflakes, harmony of the spheres, paradigm shift. Plus it will happen in a DOME. I also have elaborate plans to record live versions of all my songs, since many of my live songs bear little relation to the album versions. Here goes nothing...

Also, in the coming week I have three performances in California that I'd like to tell you about (and, er, I hope some of you come to, or I'll be all by my lonesome!)

August 12, San Jose Jazz Fest
August 18, Crystal Bay Club and Casino in North Lake Tahoe
August 19, CSA Events Center in Sacramento

tickets for all these concerts can be purchased at:

The first was recorded at Minneapolis Public Radio for American Public Media's Performance Today. It aired nationally on NPR last month, and is archived online.

The second is a two-part interview recorded in Boston for BIRN (Berklee Internet Radio Network)

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Hopefully all your questions will be answered in these two interviews. You will probably also notice that the rumors you've heard are true. I really am a dork.

Thank you again!


p.s. other new things out there in the world, right now:

A living room concert recorded for Echoes radio:

A WNYC Radiolab blog (really, Radiolab, I should be paying you. Have I told you recently how much I love you?):

A trailer to Kevin Smith's Red State:

An interview and performance at Google HQ with Jad Abumrad & Robert Krulwich from Radiolab
Upcoming Shows/Events:

Aug 12, 2011 - San Jose, CA - San Jose Jazz Festival - More info:
Aug 18, 2011 - Crystal Bay, NV - Crystal Bay Club Casino - More info:
Aug 19, 2011 - West Sacramento, CA - CSA Events Center - More info:

Full show/event calendar:

New from Humble Grumble:

We just added 4 new videos out of which 3 were filmed at the Gent Festival on the 16th of July this year. Check them out and share them with your friends if you feel like.

Here's the link;
Warm regards,


Humble Grumble

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