Saturday, July 9, 2011

Recommendation: Rodrigo San Martin

It's been a while since I wanted to mention this fine young Argentinian multi-instrumentalist.

He is a solo artist as well as part of a prog rock band called De Rien and a musical collaboration project called Souls Ignite, alongside promoting and exposing his country's prominent progressive rock natural treasures.

In April 2010 he released his first album, 1, a concept piece consisting of one lengthy tracks. He performs all instruments and he holds all production duties on the album.
Already by November of the same year he released his second album, There's No Way Out, with Jelena Perisic (Serbia) and Craig Kerley (USA) as lead vocalists.

You can download for free his second album here.

You can have a representative taste of Rodrigo's music as well as read more about him in the following places:
Official website
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  1. Thank you for the lovely comments you left on my blog! Hope you get back here soon. Indeed, Rodrigo San Martin is an excellent musician, and has a brilliant career ahead of him. I will be looking forward to hearing more from him.


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