Thursday, July 7, 2011

Recommendation: Nicklas Barker - "El Ultimo Fin De Semana"

Anekdoten's guitarist created this haunting and mysterious sounding soundtrack for the Spanish film El Ultimo Fin De Semana (The Last Weekend) by Norberto Ramos Del Val.
As you can see below, Nicklas has put aside the guitar here for synths, mellotron and other instruments and surrounded himself with his bandmate, drummer Peter Nordins as well as a cellist and violinist. The music is, for lack of a better description, atmospheric and eerie and what people would call dark. If you like the sort of music by Goblin, Jacula and Morte Macabre, you will find this to your liking as well. If you like odd and somber soundtracks, you should give this a listen.

Here's how Nicklas describes it:
"Nicklas Barker's wicked soundtrack for Norberto Ramos Del Val's horror movie El Ultimo Fin De Semana.
Atmospheric intrumental dark prog with made on mellotrons and vintage synths. For fans of 70s & 80s horror music as Fabio Frizzi, John Carpenter & Goblin."

Released 25 June 2011
- Nicklas Barker: Mellotron, Synth, Gong, Bass, Theremin
- Martha Barker: Cello
- Karolina Bergström: Violin
- Peter Nordins: Drums & Percussion

Movie details at IMDB
Official movie website

Stream the album:

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