Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Recommendation: North Sea Radio Orchestra - I A Moon (2011)

Continuing with the hanging mood set up by Citay, here's another group to brigthen and cheer up your day.

North Sea Radio Orchestra released their third album, I A Moon, in July.
A lovely collection of chamber and folk music, the songs are intimate, peaceful and simply gorgeous! A delight to listen to. Music this beautiful shouldn't go unheard, unappreciated and unaffected by. 
I now need to go backwards and get their two previous albums. 

Reviews here, here and here

Read more about them here and here.
(by the way, there are ties between NSRO and former Cardiacs members, Kavus Torabi and William D. Drake; you can read about it in these links; in fact some of the tunes have Mr. Drake's charm infused in them, particularly Mitte Der Welt, the closing track). 
Here are three songs by them, the first from their new album and the others from the previous releases. 

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