Saturday, August 20, 2011

Recommendation: Odyssey - An Abstract Existence (2011)

The band's name is a good indication...

Here's a band I saw being talked about in various metal blogs (primarily on Number of the Blog). Being curious I listened to their new album, An Abstract Existence, streaming on Bandcamp and I understood the fuss around them.
This is very good, even brilliant, instrumental progressive metal, technical, djent-y at times, powerful and epic. Indeed, it takes several listens until one gets a full grasp of the scope of the music here. A feast for the ears.

Odyseey are:
Jerrick Crites - guitar
Jordan Hilker - bass
Lukas Hilker - drums

Check out their Youtube channel.

You can stream on their bandcamp and buy the digital copy for now. The physical copes will be available soon.


  1. Thanks for posting this!! We really appreciate it!

  2. Hi Jordan, thanks for commenting.
    It's my pleasure helping spread the word about your brilliant album.


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