Saturday, August 6, 2011

Recommendation: Badawi - The Heretic Of Ether

Badawi is the project of Raz Mesinai, an Israeli musician and composer who also works in other constellations. You can get a much better and profound background on him here and here.

The Heretic Of Ether is the only album I have by Badawi but it is one that has made me want to get the rest of his discography. I could throw words like "ambient, middle-eastern, folk, avant-garde, acoustic, organic, instrumental, tribal, chamber music" and I would not do it justice like these others have done here, here and here.

The album feels like a journey that is mostly on calm waters yet still diverse and satisfying as the scenery from your "listening boat" changes and develops along the "cruise" in these musical waters.
It is beautiful music, mysterious, calming and mesmerizing. If you like to meditate, this may serve you well in your search for your inner-self.
The Heretic Of Ether is a delicate stream of sounds, a hypnotizing session of percussion and middle-eastern ambiance. Listen and trip away...

Badawi page at Asphodel
Raz Mesinai's official website

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