Friday, August 26, 2011

New Albums Available On ProgStreaming Aug. 26th

Here's the weekend update from ProgStreaming:


This weekend Progstreaming offers you a very special update, with 3 bands offerings each a CD and an EP:

Big Big Train:
- the remixed 2011 version of "Goodbye To The Age Of Steam"
- the 2010 EP "Far Skies Deep Time",

- the 2-CD masterpiece "The Octopus"
- the freely distributed EP "Fractal",

Presto Ballet:
- the acclaimed 2011 CD "Invisible Places"
- the brand new EP "Love What You've Done To The Place"

If you like these releases, please do support the bands any way possible for you. Either you could 'like' the releases, tweet it to all your friends, visit their sites, join their mailingslists, and buy their products. But most of all do this: enjoy their music! "

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