Wednesday, August 17, 2011

News from Rhys Marsh

I reviewed Rhys Marsh's 2009 album, Dulcima (here).
We now receive news about his current activities. Read on after the jump.

Here's his newsletter:

Hello, seems like time for another little update. Apart from the
things detailed below, I’ve been working on a few other bits &
pieces — including putting the final touches to the third Autumn
Ghost album. As the second album, ‘Dulcima’, was written &
recorded in such frenzy, it’s nice to do things differently again. 
Who knows what’ll happen after that?! Quite the opposite, I’d 
imagine, given the patterns that seem to be emerging.
Apart from this, I’m also working on a ‘solo’ project or two,
where I’m actually playing everything myself. Who knows 
what’ll happen after that?! I certainly don’t, but that’s (at least)
half the fun of it. Being one step ahead — or behind,
depending on which way you look at it — of yourself.
Right then...

'Turning Time' Out Now

Rhys Marsh And The Autumn Ghost return, after an eighteen-month
hiatus, with the single ‘Turning Time’, which sees them heading into a
new sonic territory — combining a wall of voices, a brass band &
orchestral percussion with a strict, Zen-like minimalism. Certainly a hint
of things to come on their third album, which will be released later this year.

For 2011, Marsh has once again assembled a new Autumn Ghost, featuring
the cream of the contemporary Norwegian music scene. In fact, it’s the first
time that Marsh has chosen an entirely Norwegian line-up, borrowing
musicians from Jaga Jazzist, The National Bank, Emmerhoff And The
Melancholy Babies & PELbO, along with collaborators of Susanne
Sundfør, Kaizers Orchestra, Thom Hell, Enslaved & Magnet.

‘Turning Time’ is out now through iTunes & Amazon.



Autumnsongs Recording Studio

I've just put together a new little blog site for my recording studio.
Take a little trip to!


‘Artist Action

I was recently asked to contribute a song to the Japanese charity
album, ‘Artist Action’. Please follow this link to hear a sample of
And Silently’, the song I wrote especially for the album, &
show your support to this very worthy cause.



Unit ‘Falls From View’

Unit’s debut EP, ‘Falls From View’, was recently released. Unit is a
project I have with Takashi Mori & Ingrid Chavez. It’s a lovely little
collection of songs. Follow this link to find out more.



Thank you for reading!


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