Thursday, April 21, 2011

Musician/Composer in the Spotlight: Annie Gosfield

Annie Gosfield is a magnificent composer and a superb manipulator of non-musical sounds into coherent musical pieces. She has an uncanny skill creating melody where one would not think it exists, using samples and industrial sounds in mixture with classical instruments. She also writes chamber and solo works.

I have her three releases on Tzadik, but the one I find most special is Flying Sparks and Heavy Machinery, in which she makes use of factory sounds. Her bio says the following on the piece EWA7:
"EWA7 was composed in 1999, during a six–week residency in the factories of Nuremberg, Germany, where Gosfield recorded and researched the sounds of machines and industrial environments as the recipient of the Siemens Kultur Programm's "Artists on Site" award. The concert–length piece was originally composed for a site–specific performance in a factory in Nuremberg, and incorporates sampled machine sounds, percussion played on industrial found metal, altered electric guitar, machine‚inspired rhythms, ambient noise, and the recycled sounds of many factories."

For (much) more (detailed) info on Annie, read here.

Official website
Wikipedia entry on Annie Gosfield
Other Minds entry on Annie Gosfield

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