Thursday, April 21, 2011

4 New Releases from AltrOck/Fading Records

4 new releases available from May 20th 

AltrOck Productions: 

OCTOBER EQUUS "Saturnal" (Spain) (I posted a review of their previous release, Charybdis)
THE NERVE INSTITUTE "Architects of Flesh-Density" (USA) 
(I did an interview with Mike Judge, the person behind this project)

Fading Records: 

SKE "1000 Autunni" (Italia) 
ABRETE GANDUL "Enjambre Sismico" (Chile) 


  1. Here are some samples from The Nerve Institute and October Equus and other titles on Altrock

  2. Hi Udi :-)
    Thanks for the link to the samples, October Equus sounds very promising. And I have The Nerve Institute album (Mike send it to me when it was done) and it's excellent; I'm very glad he got picked up by AltrOck and that the album got the mastering treatment from you.


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