Monday, April 18, 2011

Bandcamp Discoveries: A Torn Mind

Here's a pretty good bandcamp find. This is a Scottish progressive rock/metal band that has released an EP and a new single.
Here's their bio from their website:
"A TORN MIND are a Scottish progressive rock band with a contemporary, melodic sound.

Combining sharp musicianship with an ambitious approach to song writing, A Torn Mind
draw influence from acts including The Mars Volta, Dream Theater, Genesis, Thrice,
and Pink Floyd to fashion their brand of diverse and urgent progressive rock.

The band's self-produced debut EP, 'BARRIERS', is a vast effort. Filled with
shifting time signatures, powerful riffs and off-kilter arrangements, it serves
as a bold introduction to the modern, melodic sound of A Torn Mind.

Grant Kilpatrick - vocals, guitar
Chris Hartles - guitar, keys, sax
Ryan Anderson - bass, vocals
Euan Sked - drums, vocals

I'm not crazy about the vocals, but the music is pretty good.

Official Website
Youtube channel

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