Friday, April 22, 2011

Bandcamp Discoveries: Embers

Before you go on reading any further, this is a black metal group.

Ok, that cut down the five people reading this by five fold and so to to sole person that is now reading this, here's more about the band and its music:

Embers from Oakland, CA started in 2004 as the trio of Kelly Nelson (vocals, bass), Steven DeCaprio (guitar) and Jerry Buchanan (drums). They all had previous experience in other bands (Kelly and Steven in Lesser Of Two; Jerry in various groups). The lineup expanded with Timm Kennedy (vocals, guitar), Nine Katechis (Viola) and Lillian Phaeton (keyboards). The band members are active and vocal about their ideologies (environmental, housing). 

Their music is atmospheric but harsh and crude sounding black metal (crust and punk-influenced; if you listen to Lesser Of Two, you'll hear the connection, apparently). They released a s/t EP, a split with Book of Belial called Wrath and their latest offering is from this past March, a full length called Shadows (which is what I heard and am recommending here). This is nicely done gloomy and appealing atmospheric black metal with punk elements, quite catchy to my ears and melodic as well (don't snicker). Do check it out, it's not the usual run-of-the-mill black metal album, but offers something more than that (to my ears at least).

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