Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Support a musical project - The River Empires

Who are The River Empires?
Here's a short blurb from their website:

"The River Empires is simply a group of friends from Oregon who write and play music together. Their style infuses bluegrass, folk and country with cinematic instrumentation and themes. They claim to be an independent band as well as conceptual, yet have been careful not to turn the two of those genres into gimmicks. They have self funded and self created from the birth of the group. Their music and lyrics tell a story written by the singer, Jessy Ribordy."

Here you can listen to some of their tunes. 
Their first album is available digitally on iTunes and Amazon and here physically.

The band is preparing on recording their followup album and has started a Kickstarter fund-raising. Now, if you like what you hear, then please read the following and see if you'd like to support it.

"We plan to track the 14 song album over the course of two months during winter 2010/11. Being that our musical style combines bluegrass with film-like soundtrack/scores, we require several hire on musicians to perform the symphonic sounds we are aspiring for. On our first album, we had a very talented harpist, french horn, oboe, clarinet, flute, trumpet, trombone, and bowed contrabass players. We are hoping to continue through that vein of style and so most of the budget would be going toward adding all the extra instrumentation. Essentially we require a small symphonic orchestra to complete our vision of this next album. In addition, the budget will go toward other production costs, including several weeks of mixing engineering in post. 

We are also hoping to really have the time to create, like our first one, a pure and organic album. We don't use auto tune on vocals and we don't quantize instrument performances. We take the time to get take after take until we are happy with it. And we believe that creates much more of an honest sound that is missing these days in the music industry. So this also requires a bit more time in the studio than normal and a lot more attention and devotion to detail."

 Some musical teasers of the band for you to listen to:

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