Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A song for mid-day: Concentric - Verdiend

Concentric are a trio that performs complex acoustic-based rock. I recommend giving a try to their 2009 release, Immeasurable.

Reviews here and here, buy here.

Here's their bio from their Myspace:

"Concentric began as a therapeutic vacation from musical boundaries, and a year later is still expanding on that theme. Jim Becker and Jerry Hauppa were growing weary of the clichés that plague the extreme metal genre when they discovered that both of them had acoustic side projects that were keeping their sanity. Though their styles were very different, what they had in common was an ear for the more progressive side of music and its ability to challenge the listener. By combining their efforts the two released a demo in 2004 and later one epic 16 minute track in the Mosaic EP, which depicted a vast array of emotions and themes using only layered acoustic guitars. After finding a drummer in Brad O'Malley, Concentric fully fleshed out their sound and furthered the progressive themes hinted at in previous recordings. In late 2009, the three piece released their first full length record entitled Immeasurable which is comprised of thirteen tracks of very densely woven countermelody throughout its sixty minute running time. Although the acoustic guitar-centered approach of previous works remains the core of the songwriting, Immeasurable is further developed by a range of sounds including cello, accordion, hammer dulcimer and others. The end result is guaranteed to be one of the most densely melodic records you will hear. The group is determined to perform instrumental acoustic music in a way that hasn't been heard before, and judging by the response received at shows played both at home and abroad, Concentric is definitely achieving that goal.

Immeasurable, the debut full length from Milwaukee-based instrumental acoustic band Concentric, is a dynamic step into the recesses of human emotion through a complex tapestry of sound and mood. Driven by acoustic guitars and intricate percussion adorned with cello and other instruments, Immeasurable reaches highly expressive depths where any lyrical approach would fall short. Throughout its sixty minute duration, Concentric presents one of the most densely melodic records you will ever hear."

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