Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A band in the Spotlight: Magyar Posse (Finland)

Magyar Posse, a cinematic post-rock band from Finland with 3 studio albums released is under our magnifying glass this post. You can listen to them here and here.

I got to know about them while browsing the Prog Archives post-rock database in 2005 and proceeded to get their first release We Will Carry You Over The Mountains, released in 2002. Much like Explosions In The Sky's first album (How Strange, Innocence), Magyar Posse's first album, is a naive and simplistic yet charming and beautiful album that I still listen to and enjoy today immensely. The band has a knack for creating stunning emotional pieces that evoke in my mind scenes as if watching a movie. I've read they've been influences by Ennio Morricone, among others, and if so, it does show.

We Will Carry You Over the Mountains

Here's one track from the album:

After being enthralled with this first album I proceeded to get their second album, Kings Of Time, released in 2004. Here they've upgraded their sound further. The interplay of the keyboards and guitar is a major reason for their lush, rich and epic sound. I feel as if being transported to some other place, an unknown European urban location in the midst of winter, where all around are closed up in their shells, hurrying up to get home from the cold and rushing about their business, oblivious to anything else besides their own occupations; for some reason the music invokes that imagery in my mind... don't ask...

Here's the most beautiful piece from that album:

When Random Avenger came out in 2006 I got it, obviously and it did not disappoint. These Finns again showed how skilled they are at creating catchy rhythmic pieces filled with ambiance and magic.

Random Avenger

Here's the opening piece from the album:

They have also released a live album in 2006, Live at UMF, Finland.
The band is apparently still active and playing shows occasionally (according to their website) but I don't know if they're writing new material, recording or what are their plans for the future. I do look forward to it, though.

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