Monday, October 31, 2011

Sing to Tim

It's probably the best band in the world..."


  1. Cardiacs are definitely among the best bands, agreed!

  2. I was just doing a play of words on the Carlsberg ad.
    My wife and I were having a quiet evening watching Cardiacs youtube videos (maybe an oxymoron - Cardiacs and quiet, but nevermind) and this song (Big Ship) just gets us every time. Playing it loud in the car while driving is a little dangerous cause it can really get me going... Awesome song.

  3. That it is. Though I can't think of any songs I've heard by the group so far which I wouldn't call at least good, if not great...I even enjoy all of Guns, which many fans don't seem to...I guess I'm passed on into the realm of the Fanboy with this group, I'm not afraid to admit it.


Any comments?