Monday, October 24, 2011

Lost Of Goodies On Progstreaming

Progstreaming is exploding with fantastic progressive rock and other wonderful releases.

Head on there to find the latest releases from:
- AltrOck:
Dave Willey & Friends - Immeasurable Currents (I'll be reviewing it)
Camembert - Schnorgl Attack (I'll be reviewing it)
Humble Grumble - Flanders Field (I reviewed this one here previously)

- Soleil Zuehl:
Scherzoo - 01
One Shot - Live in Tokyo
Eider Stellaire - s/t (re-issue of the stellar zeuhl release)

- Also check out the album I recommended here previously:
North Sea Radio Orchestra - I A Moon

- And be sure to listen to the latest album by the wonderful krautrock/psychedelic-rock group from Germany:
Electric Orange - Netto

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