Monday, October 24, 2011

News From Carla Kihlstedt

Tigers, Monsters and Rabbits

As the beaches of Cape Cod empty out, the leaves begin to fall, and the swing sets are hauled away by official-looking men in orange trucks and suits to match, it occurs to me that we've been back East more than a year now. Things circle around their well-worn paths, each time with subtle and profound changes. Tallulah is already 2 and daily making discoveries about the world and herself. 

In musical news, here is an update about three projects, all in different seasons of their lives:

Causing a Tiger Causes a New Tiger (new album available Nov 1st)
Last year, over the course of our European tour, we discovered that the spirit of Causing a Tiger (Matthias Bossi, Shahzad Ismaily and I) is strongest when we are truly putting ourselves and each other on the spot. To that end, I have been forbidden to play the violin, at least in this chapter of the band. For the first time in my life I'm only singing, albeit through my violin effects which are an instrument in and of themselves. 

Simply put, we improvise songs. We just made a new record called How We Held Our Post, entirely in keeping with our rigorous, spontaneous and scrappy ethos. We set up once in a basement studio in Manhattan, and again in the living room of a farmhouse on Cape Cod, pointed some microphones in our general directions, and went at it.

We are playing two shows at:

Thur Oct 27 - Conundrum Music Hall
626 Meeting Street, West Columbia, SC
Fri Oct 28 - Moogfest
Diana Wartham Theater - Asheville, NC

The album will be available at these shows as a download card only. I apologize to those of you who still crave physical product. I am with you in spirit, but not in application... not this time. This is a self-released album made with no budget. I promise there will be accompanying liner notes and graphics to have and to hold if you so desire!

Initially, the album will only be available at these two shows, but will go on sale to the public on TUES NOV 1st at
You can also go there now to place a pre-order for it!


Evidence of Monsters
It's here... We finally have some evidence of the Necessary Monsters performance at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in S.F. that many of you helped create! Wesley Cabral shot and edited a beautiful 15-minute video of the piece, which you can watch below on Youtube, or HERE on vimeo.
carla kihlstedt's necessary monsters trailerNecessary Monsters - YBCA, SF - 07/2011
In early November, I'm headed back out to the Bay Area to work on the recordings of 3 of the 9 songs that make up Necessary Monsters, and we're lucky enough to be working at the legendary Fantasy Studios! I'm planning on release the songs in three sets of three. In the first set are "An Animal Dreamed" (pure, unfettered expression), "The Squonk" (the embodiment of empathy and sorrow), and "Hochigan" (inciter of self-awareness and suspicion).
Stay tuned for the news on the Imaginary Beings Project... very exciting, but I'll save that for next time!

Rabbit Rabbit Radio
For as long as I can remember, Matthias and I have adhered to the old tradition of having "rabbit rabbit" be the first thing out of our mouths on the first day of every month. They say it gives you good luck, but more specifically, it's a gesture of renewed purpose. As you may know, we have started a new duo called Hello Dust. Rabbit Rabbit Radio will be our creative outlet. If you subscribe to Rabbit Rabbit Radio, on the first of each month you will get a song, a video, and some writings from us to you. Who knows, you could even get a collage or a photograph.
Our first one goes out January 1, 2012. The site,, is under construction, but please stay tuned, and when the time comes, help up spread the word! 



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