Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Streaming Album: Mars Hollow - World In Front Of Me

As I've posted here before, 10T Records allows the streaming of all the albums they've released on their website (and there are some great bands on their roster like Frogg Cafe, TCP, Little Atlas, The Rebel Wheel, Man On Fire, FromUz etc).

Here's the stream for the new Mars Hollow album.
Go here to read an excellent recount of their performance at ROSfest 2011 in May (as well as about the rest of the bands there).
Here's the press release for the album:
"June 1, 2011


Charleston, SC – June 1, 2011 (10T Records) - 10T Records is thrilled to announce the pending release of the new full length CD by Mars Hollow, entitled World in front of Me, on June 21, 2011. It’s been less than one year since Mars Hollow’s highly acclaimed self-titled debut took the progressive rock world by storm. Now, the band marks their planetary return with the new album “World In Front of Me”, produced and mixed by Billy Sherwood (Yes, Circa:, World Trade), and mastered by renowned producer David Javu Morse (David Bowie, Alice in Chains, Frank Zappa). Fans of uncompromising progressive rock are sure to find much to enjoy as the band continues defining their unique musical trajectory.

“Working with Billy Sherwood was awesome,” says bassist/vocalist Kerry Chicoine, “He helped us accomplish precisely what we set out to achieve: a set of well-crafted songs backed by a state-of-the-art production. Billy dialed-in great sounds, shared plenty of ideas, and helped fertilize the landscape from which the songs took root. To have David Morse offer to master the album was like icing on a big, proggy cake!”

Containing seven modern progressive rock classics spanning a diverse range of stylistic approaches, World In Front of Me sees Mars Hollow expanding the sonic palate established on their debut, sounding paradoxically at once more melodic AND more progressive. “We feel these songs best represent where Mars Hollow stands circa 2011,” says Chicoine, “There’s more of a band identity on this album, a sense of cohesion among the songs. There is a definite arc - lyrically and musically - linking the whole thing together.”

“Our relationship with Mars Hollow has quickly grown much deeper than simply a mutually beneficial musical partnership; we have all become genuine friends,” says 10T Records president, Steve Carroll. “We couldn’t be more excited about releasing this fantastic CD. Anyone who enjoyed the first album will find even more of everything that made Mars Hollow’s debut so special.”

World in Front of Me by Mars Hollow is available for immediate pre-order through the 10T Records website. All orders received between now and the official release date will ship by the end of the week prior to the official release.

Additionally, all tracks from World in Front of Me are now available to preview on the Mars Hollow artist page at the following link:

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