Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In case you want to support a Sleepytime Gorilla Museum related project...

I'm reposting this email I got:

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Help Feed The Monsters!

Dear Most Necessary Museum Supporters,

We would like to draw your discerning attentions to a new project which includes the majority of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Carla Kihlstedt, Michael Mellender and Matthias Bossi - and hope that you might be interested in helping us fund and attend this most ambitious and intricate project!

Necessary Monsters is a staged song-cycle for 7 musicians and an actress, written by Carla Kihlstedt and poet Rafael Osés, and inspired by the Book of Imaginary Beings - a collection of fictional creatures that the writer Jorge Luis Borges culled from mythological and literary traditions across the world and through the ages. In this piece, we visit nine of the beings in Borges' book, each a manifestation of an aspect of ourselves including The Squonk (the embodiment of sorrow), The Ninsa (a half-finished being, complete in his incompleteness), and Odradek (an assemblage of odds and ends left over from our lives, a dustbunny that lives under our stairs and reminds us of our own mortality).

necessary monsters: a staged song cycle by carla kihlstedt

These beings need your help to come to life. We are performing Necessary Monsters on July 29th and 30th, 2011 in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Though we have a performance budget from YBCA, it is, unfortunately, not nearly enough, and so our development budget must come entirely from grass-roots fundraising and from voracious musical omnivores like yourselves. Please watch the video above to find out more.

Each being demands a different kind of song for a home: the ink monkey needs a scrappy and aggressive throw-down, the Double needs to live in a musical carnival, and the Lamed Wufnik needs an understated and elegant ballad. Of course, all of this necessitates a band that can inhabit these myriad musical realities, and so the SGM team came forward in all of their mercurial expressivity.

We've just launched our Kickstarter campaign (see the video above), and should you be moved to help feed the monsters, your donation would go directly towards the development of the piece: rehearsal space, food lodging, airfare, and of course, artists' fees.  The complete budget is more than what we've outlined in the Kickstarter campaign, but I wanted to make sure we reached our goal. If we manage to overshoot it, we will put the remaining funds towards finishing the recording of this song cycle so that you can hear it even if you are not in San Francisco this July! We've put together some intricate and enticing gift packages for you in exchange for your donation, all of which include a download of the Necessary Monsters recording when it is finished.

Here's a link to the Necessary Monsters Kickstarter campaign.(
Please share it with whoever you know, in whatever way you prefer.

And here's where you can purchase your tickets to the July 29th and 30th shows in San Francisco.

Thank you again for your time and for being your generally inquisitive selves.

The Museum Staff


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