Saturday, June 11, 2011

Recommendations from the Bandcamps

So while I'm stuck here in country X, in which I used to live (and am so glad I left), waiting for my visa renewal to be approved, I thought I'd make some use of my time to find some new bands on Bandcamp:

Manyara Impala
Semi-acoustic, lo-fi, intricate, instrumental rock from the UK.

A five member band from Michigan. Their album contains mostly electronic and ambient music but also a few post-rock-oriented pieces.

Ony - A project by Greg Onychuk. He plays a groovy instrumental psychedelic/progressive rock brand with occasional ethnic elements.

Hot Karate from Los Angeles play a heavy brand of high energy and raw instrumental rock (you might even call it heavy metal). Nothing too original or thrilling, but well done and exciting.

Jordi Clapés-Bot from Spain makes post-rock music. Nothing new, but pleasant nonetheless.

Myriad are a duo from Australia heavy progressive rock. Here's how they describe their music:
"This second album by Australian progressive rock duo, Myriad, will take you on a soul journey and beyond. Evoking the epic spirituality of Yes and Tangerine Dream, expect a maelstrom of vintage synths, lavish acoustic and electric guitars, commanding drum work, majestic themes and philosophical lyrics giving way to peaceful guitar interludes, spacious cathedrals and formless ambience. Set across multi-part compositions, the album is delivered with a powerful space-rock attack that reminds of early Rush."

The new album by The Fierce & The Dead is very good. The group includes Matt Stevens which I've featured in the blog previously.

An interesting group, Miasm is a project by Jeremiah Savage who plays dark, somber slow music. Introspective and gloomy, it is quite beautiful and mesmerizing with its textures accompanying the soft vocals.

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