Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Album News: Thinking Plague

Best news of the day!

Just saw this posted on Progressive Ears by Mike Johnson from the band.


Thinking Plague has finished the recording phase the new CD, "Decline and Fall", the 6th studio album by the band. It will be mixed by Bob Drake during June, and officially released by Cuneiform in September. This CD will have a somewhat harder-edged, more 'rock' sound than "A History of Madness", with a more standard 'rock band plus reeds' approach and less acoustic, orchestral or ethnic instrumentation. While the CD title sounds ominous, the music is not necessarily so, and is very song-oriented in a 'classic' TP fashion without being particularly similar to other TP releases.

TP and Hamster Theatre (which have 3 members in common) will together do a short series of concerts in the Northeast in November, as follows:

Sat. 19 - Cuneiform Festival, Baltimore, MD - venue TBA

Sun. 20 - Kung Fu Necktie Club - 1248 North Front Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122-4602 - (215) 291-4919

Tues. 22 - The Stone - E 2nd St & Ave C, New York, NY 10009 - (212) 473-0043

Wed. 23 - The Magic Room, 155 North Beacon Street . Brighton, Massachusetts - (617) 775-4009

The live band will feature the following line-up:
Elaine Di Falco - vocals
Kimara Sajn - keys
Robin Chestnut - drums
Dave Willey - bass
Mark Harris - reeds
Mike Johnson - guitar

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