Saturday, April 12, 2014

Announcement/Disclosure: I am not back and not reviewing

As I wrote in the first post in over two years that you can see down below, I am not back.

I've gotten quite a lot of emails in the last week asking me to review and write about bands/albums/videos/etc. So to save you the time of writing to me and save my time replying to all these emails, here's the announcement:

I won't be writing reviews, I won't be taking review requests, I won't be doing any of the coverage I did previously in this blog. I will simply post random posts here and there when I have the time and inclination to do so. I will post on whatever is on my mind at that point - maybe I heard a song I really liked, just gotten a new album and loved it, need to share some of my enthusiasm about an obscure album.

The reason I can't go full time back is lack of time (and energy). I wish I could, as there's lots of great music I keep on discovering.

Hope all those who wrote in can appreciate this and I wish you the best with your music.


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