Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Altr0ck titles announced for 2011

Just got an email from one of the finest progressive/avant focused labels, the Italian Altr0ck (Yugen, Rational DIet, miRthkon etc.):

"Here some AltrOck releases for 2011/nuove uscite AltrOck 2011:

Calomito "Cane di schiena"
Factor Burzaco "II"
Humble Grumble "Flanders Fields "
October Equus
Subtilior (By Michele Epifani)

Abrete Gandul "Enjambre Sismico"
Sanhedrin "Ever after"

Happy new year!
Stay tuned!!!!
AltrOck team

Needless to say, I'm psyched about these releases and am very happy as to how this label keeps evolving and expanding. Kudos!
I'm particularly looking forward to the new Abrete Gandul, October Equus and Camembert albums as well as the debuts by Israeli band Sanherin and the Ske album. 

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