Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dark Ambiances Series - Pt. 3: Bohren & der Club of Gore

By now a force to be reckoned with, Bohren & der Club of Gore started its way back in 1988 as the members, school friends, started playing together, having common passion for extreme music. They were: Thorsten Benning (drums), Robin Rodenberg (Bass), Reiner Henseleit (guitar), Morten Gass (guitar/piano).

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As they grew up they formed Bohren in 1992 playing what they termed as "doom ridden jazz music". A year later, in 1993, they changed the name to Bohren & der Club of Gore and released a 7" EP. In the following years the band formed their sound with their two full-length releases, Gore Motel and Midnight Radio, establishing their style and approach of jazz in a doom atmosphere.

In 1996, Reiner Henseleit left the band and in 1997 Christoph Clöser (sax, piano) joined in to formulate the lineup that remains till today, who released 4 more top notch albums, all contributing to the band's reputation and appeal.

The current news is that they will release Beileid in March 2011, which consists of 3 pieces culminating in 37 minutes (including a cover version of Warlock's Catch my Heart) of "uneventful music".

Interview with the band:

Music by the band:

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