Monday, January 3, 2011

Grayceon Releases New Album on March 1st, 2011

From Grayceon:

Hello and greetings from San Francisco! ~

First, of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! This is a very special announcement...

We have finally finished our third album entitled "All We Destroy" which will be released on March 1, 2011 by Profound Lore Records. We are so proud of this album and feel it is our strongest, heaviest, most epic album to date. You can read the full press release from Profound Lore here: and you can hear one of our favorite tracks off the new album, Shellmounds, by either following the link at the bottom of Profound Lore's press release or visiting one of our numerous web sites:
Official website,

We would also like to announce our CD release show which will take place on February 11th at Bottom of the Hill with friends and label mates Worm Ouroboros and a new band we love called Hollow Mirrors. If you pay entry into this show, you get a copy of "All We Destroy" for FREE!!! You heard it right, you get our new album two weeks before the release date for absolutely free with entry into the show. So, if you are local, please come out and show your support. Details follow this email.

Please contact the label directly if you are press and would like to review it or interview the band, etc. You can email them here:

Thank you and we wish you a happy, healthy new year!

xo, ~ Grayceon


February 11, 2011


Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA
***FREE Grayceon CD upon paid entry into show***
$10 advance tix, $12 at the door
Buy your advance tickets NOW here:
Receive ticket upon entry of show and get free copy of Grayceon's new album anytime during the show at the merch booth!"

The press release by Profound Lore:

GRAYCEON - Complete New Album/Announce Release Show Bay Area atypical progressive rock/metal three-piece GRAYCEON have completed their new and strongest release to date, their third full-length album entitled “All We Destroy”.  The band have also announced their record release show on Feb 11th (at Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco) to coincide with the release.  And it will be at this event where the band will be giving away free copies of the new album for all those who attend (more news on this following said album announcement).

Since their formation in the mid-part of the last decade, GRAYCEON would immediately be recognized as one of the most creative and unique forces within the Bay Area underground metal scene, parallel to such contemporaries as LUDICRA, HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE, SLOUGH FEG, AMBER ASYLUM, ASUNDER, and WORM OUROBOROS, these bands representing a movement in a scene which many have claimed as America’s best and most artistically potent.

Always hard to classify, the eclectic nature of GRAYCEON has always worked to the band’s advantage when trying to pinpoint the unique and epic nature of their music.  Featuring members of the VOIVOD-esque Bay Area forward-thinking thrash/punk metal band WALKEN and cellist/vocalist Jackie Perez Gratz (of GIANT SQUID, and who also has served as the recording cellist for bands like AGALLOCH, OM, ASUNDER, CATTLE DECAPITATION, AMBER ASYLUM, and NEUROSIS), GRAYCEON is solely comprised of cello, guitars, drums, and vocals (male and female respectively).  By combining elements of progressive rock/metal, sludge/doom metal, neo-classical chamber music, and neo-folk, “All We Destroy” follows the band’s previous two releases (namely their self-titled debut and their sophomore release “This Grand Show”) and builds upon the sound they formulated into something heavier, and more moving, while at the same time, something much more frantic and devastating. 

Overall, “All We Destroy” is an album that deploys a punishing seductive power.  One of ferocity, beauty, and modern-day tragedy.

To be released officially March 1st, tracklisting for “All We Destroy” goes as follows:

1.    Dreamer Deceived
2.    Shellmounds
3.    We Can
4.    Once A Shadow
5.    A Road Less Traveled
6.    War's End

An MP3 of the track “Shellmounds” can be heard HERE

As previously mentioned, GRAYCEON will be playing their record release show on Feb 11th at Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco (1233 17th street, doors are at 8:30) and it will be at this show where GRAYCEON will be giving away copies of their new CD. For every entry at the door with a paid ticket that person will receive a free/complimentary copy of “All We Destroy” courtesy of the band several weeks before the album’s release date.  Profound Lore recording artist WORM OUROBOROS will also be playing the show respectively along with Hollow Mirrors.

Also on the live front, look for GRAYCEON to make their rounds at this year’s SXSW in March.

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