Monday, February 20, 2012

Recommendation: Talisma (Canada)

The Talisman of Talisma
When was the last time you heard a band and thought to yourself "this is creative and rather original music these guys play!" ?

I had one such impression the first time I heard Talisma from Canada. There is something both visceral and tender in their music, both beautiful and menacing. I love how they mix sharp and powerful and propulsive riffs and rhythms alongside a melodious and fun approach. Another cool thing about their compositions (it's nearly all instrumental), is how these are so tightly packed and intricate. They make the most out of every tune, going forward with right and left turns and adding nuances. 

What more is that they manage to differentiate themselves nicely from other progressive rock bands, carving themselves a niche of their own, a style and sound of their making. While one may very well think of King Crimson while listening to some of their pieces, this is most definitely not a clone or even too much of influence as it is an inspiration, a hue that they color their music with. I've read reviews comparing them to other bands, but overall, I think they are quite original in their music. 

Check out all their 3 albums; all are very worthwhile.

Prog Archives band page
Band page at Unicorn Digital (band's label)

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