Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Recommendation: Squat Club - Corvus

That's one mean crow right there...

As I was browsing the bandcamp of the Bird's Robe Collective label a few months ago and I came across this instrumental Australian band, Squat Club. Their bandcamp features their album, Corvus, which is a lovely mix of atmospheric rock, heavy and crunchy riffs and progressive tendencies.

I don't know anything about them, except what is written on their Bandcamp page:

"The fantastic debut album from one-time prog supergroup Squat Club. The band exploded out of Sydney's underground in 2008, playing a series of shows to ever-growing audiences, before disbanding in early 2009 as members scattered the globe.

The band returned to Australia in early 2010 to finish and launch this album with 2 packed shows in Sydney, before disbanding yet again.

In 2011, this amazing debut record has been remixed and remastered for release through Bird's Robe Records, to pay tribute to one of the most inspiring and innovative acts to come from Sydney's underground.
released 11 November 2011
Josh Ahearn - bass
Josh Head - bass, vocals, effects
Tim Brown - guitar, bazouki
Evan McGregor - drums, percussion

I can only add that I highly recommend giving this album a listen (or more) and enjoy this band's creativity.

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