Friday, February 3, 2012

Recommendation: Nodo Gordiano - Flektogon

At the twilight zone of prog rock

Now here is an album I've been meaning to feature here for some time, but never go to it. I've seen it receive praises on Prog Archives when it came out in 2009 and I promptly checked it out and was wowed by its grandeur, complexity and beauty.

With roots dating back to the 90s, Nodo Gordiano had several lineup changes through the years and  three studio albums released (according to Prog Archives). I don't know their previous albums or even if their style has changed with time, but what I do know is, that this album left a deep impression on me. 

Their music has two main facets. An epic and bombastic side, which (prog-) rocks hard alongside a weird and mysterious sounding side, that counteracts and intensifies the former. This is one of those albums that on the very first notes (or vocalizations), will transport you away from your present location, and into a peculiar and enigmatic dimension; a sort of twilight zone of progressive rock.

I have a hard time trying to describe what they sound like, but I can say that they have a variety of influences and an eclectic palate. This plethora of musical taste buds doesn't lead to an incoherent album. They take all those ingredients and mix them in a superb and magnificent manner. However, the album may very well seem thick and too hard to digest at first, necessitating multiple listens until the listener manages to get ahold of the entire album in its size and splendor.

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