Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tim Smith Tribute Album

This was posted by Kavus Torabi on Progressive Ears:

"Hello PEople,

As some of you may know Tim Smith, frontman of Cardiacs, composer, producer, genius and dear friend suffered a massive heart attack in 2008 that has left him in an extremely fragile state. Despite some of the rumours that have been circulating he is not well on the road to recovery. Two and a half years later, he is still in hospital and we really want to get him home.

We have put together a tribute album to raise money in order to hopefully do that.

It's called Leader Of The Starry Skies and will be released on the 6th December through Believers Roast.

Rather than 'straight' covers it features re-workings of Tim's songs by the likes of Steven Wilson, Oceansize, Milk and Honey Band (featuring Andy Partridge), Max Tundra plus many ex/ current Cardiacs members and the so called 'Cardiacs Family', including William D Drake, North Sea Radio Orchestra, Knifeworld, Ultrasound and many more.

As an incentive to pre-order, all CDs bought before the release date will be given another album's worth of material that didn't fit on to the main release.

It is crucial that we get the word out as far as we can. If you are a fan of Tim's music or any of the bands involved please share the link above.

I'll be guesting on Steve Davis' Interesting alternative Show on Monday 25th October between 10pm and 12am (GMT+1) I'll be talking about the album and playing a couple of sneak previews.

Many thanks and lots of love.


And here's one of my favourite songs by the Cardiacs - Fiery Gun Hand from Sing to God.

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