Friday, October 15, 2010

A Band in the Spotlight: Fonderia (Italy)

You know those albums that seem to come out of nowhere, from bands you know nothing about that seem to conquer you immediately with their fresh sound, beautiful melodies or magical ambiance?

You don't? Hmmm... then maybe give a listen to Fonderia before you keep reading. You might feel it.

Then come back and read after the jump.

Here is a band that for me, came out of nowhere.
I don't even remember how I got to hear about Fonderia, but I do remember being highly impressed upon hearing their 2010 release, My Grandmother's Spacesuit.

Fonderia My Grandmother's Space Suit album cover

I've often mentioned in reviews that bands are varied in their sounds, approach and style being played on a particular album. With Fonderia the variety is even more pronounced when listening to the songs on the album. From cool and smooth sounding jazz patterns to dreamy pop atmosphere to ambient to rock, all these are mingled to give each song and instrumental a distinct identity. Indeed, I think that this band is crafting themselves an individual and unique sound, not without references, but certainly a refined style that does more than just blend influences.

According to their website, they're a trio that started out in the 90s' as an improvisational group. They have since expanded their lineup and sound. They have released 3 albums: Fonderia (2002), re>>enter (2006) and the aforementioned album.

Emanuele Bultrini - guitars
Stefano Vicarelli - keyboards
Federico Nespola - drums
Luca Pietropaoli - trumpet
Paolo Pecorelli - bass (live)
Claudio Mosconi - bass (album)

Listen to them here and here and read more (including reviews) here.
An interview with the band - 

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